Join us

as we embark on pilgrimages to earth's sacred places.

We are here to support your calling and to provide you with spiritual and logistical assistance as you plan and prepare for your inner and outer journey.

VISITING sacred places can connect travelers with a source of help through which they may be able to experience a taste of real joy. A pilgrimage can also give us the opportunity to perceive the world in a different way and to start a process of inner transformation.

OUR MISSION is to share with you our outer and inner travelling experience and to accompany on your journey to the east, as far your outer and inner destinations wish to go. The outer and the inner world can lead us to the same place only if we learn how to act in unity with ourselves, how to listen to our inner guidance.

OPEN TO ALL. Whatever spiritual tradition you belong to, if you wish to join one of our pilgrimages or prepare one of your own, we will be very happy to assist you. You help us to create your itinerary, respecting your beliefs and background. Wherever we go, we wish to act as peacemakers, to build and not to destroy, to unify and not to separate.


Esoteric Egypt

December 28, 2019–January 6, 2020

An immersive journey into the history and culture of Ancient Egypt, from Cairo to Aswan to Luxor, visiting traditional villages, traveling on a 5-star Nile cruise.

Led by Patrizia De Libero


India and Himalayas

August 18–September 1, 2020

The Trinity of Transformation : the Teachings, the Teacher, and the Self. Learning directly from experienced teachers about the spiritual paths of India and the Himalayas

Led by Patrizia De Libero


Traveling in the Footsteps of Mr. Gurdjieff

in Bukhara, Samarkand, Istanbul, Kashgar

September 13–28, 2020

In this journey, we will walk in Mr. Gurdjieff’s footsteps and delve into the paths of Central Asia—the origins of the Fourth Way, the Masters of Wisdom, and the Vajrayana. We will travel in Turkey, Uzbekistan and China.

Led by Jerry Toporovsky

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